From fresh fruit & vegetables
Not fried or baked
100% dried
100% for You


We love what we do!

The best on the market, original dried fruit crisps with natural sugars and nutrient-dense vegetable crisps. Rich in proteins, vitamins and trace elements, and very crispy – all in one pack! No unnecessary additives.

When developing each new product, we focus on one and the same principle we have been following from the beginning: MAXIMUM NATURE in a pack. Thus, in Crispy Natural crisps, you will never find any artificial preservatives, colouring, additional fats or sugars (except naturally occurring sugars in fruits or vegetables). Each pack is a portion of your daily positive energy. We conduct regular research on market trends to support our continuous development and satisfy your expectations as one of the leading producers in the dried fruit and vegetable crisps category.



From Polish apples to exotic pineapples.
On the market


This is why we know everything about drying!

Are you looking for a tasty, light meal for a long day at work?
Or maybe you would like to give your child something delicious and nutritious for a snack?

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