Family brand

Our passion

has been for years!

The brand was created in 2007 as the result of our many years of work and experience in the developing of our innovative drying method at low (but positive) temperature. The goal was to develop dried, very crunchy and rich in nutritional snacks from fruit and vegetables. And after all these years, we know that we have succeeded. When developing each new product, we focus on keeping the same principle we use from the beginning: FULL OF NATURE in a package. That why in Crispy Natural crisps you will never find artificial preservatives, dyes, added fat or sugars (except those occurring naturally in fruit or vegetables). We constantly research market trends to constantly develop and meet your expectations – as a leader in the category of dried fruit and vegetable chips.

What makes us different?

Drying technology!

In contrast to known and popular freeze drying products, our crisps are created in a completely unique way. Producer of Crispy Natural is the only one in the world that uses this technology on an industrial scale, thanks to which you will find a completely different quality in each product package.

Experience & innovation

We have been drying fruit and vegetables for almost 30 years, and for the last 10 years Crispy Natural has been present at the shelves, being chosen by Poles as one of the favorite brands of dried snacks. For years, based on the experience gained during this time, we constantly invest in development and research.

One of the widest offer on the market

We know that everyone has our own taste preferences and favourite vegetables and fruit. That is why, over the years of discussing and collecting customer feedback, we have created a portfolio of 17 products, starting from dried apples in various flavours to legumes crisps. New amazing crisps coming soon:)

People are behind the success of every brand!

Crispy Natural from the idea to the shelf is created in 100% by us, so you can be sure that we put a lot of heart into each stage.