Naturally sweet fruit in the form of a crunchy snack

Crispy Natural dried fruit is an excellent alternative to traditional crisps, sweets or high-calorie salty snacks, as well as a way to provide your body with the right amount of fruit every day. Crunchy, full of flavour fruits in slices and cubes, you can always have at hand.

A perfect treat when the urge to snack comes. Attractive, handy packaging will find a good place in your rucksack, handbag or on your desk. They are light and do not require special storage like fresh fruit.



Your solo snack

– work, study, relax


Snack during gatherings with family and friends

– party, barbecue, cinema, vacation


Snack for the active

– during or after your workout


Snack on the go

– wherever you are, you have it at hand


Complement your meal

– porridge, power bowl, cocktail, etc.


An accent that gives a unique character

– e.g., a crispy chip on top of a dish


Method of production

– our MIRVAC® drying technology, innovative on a global scale, stands out from other methods such as freeze-drying or traditional drying, guarantees the preservation of high nutritional values, exceptionally crispy texture, taste and aroma of products

Clean label

– a short list of components and raw materials from reliable suppliers


– not fried, not baked

No unnecessary additives

– i.e., fats, sugars and sweeteners (only sugars which naturally occur in fruit are included)

Without limits

– gluten-free and suitable for vegans


# 1 on the market, with the most extensive assortment of unique flavours available in a handy packaging. 100% fruit for those who prefer pure flavours or fancy flavour combinations for those with an appetite for more – you choose how you like it. Open up to the new, try out all the variations, and maybe discover tastes you had not previously known.

Pear 100% 18 g

Extremely crispy

Pineapple 100% 15 g

Crazy exotic

Peach 100% 12 g

Temptingly aromatic

Strawberry 100% 10 g

The best Polish

Apple 100% 18 g

Undeniably original

Apple with mango juice 18 g

Amazingly fragrant

Apple with pineapple juice 18 g

Delightfully delicate

Apple with strawberry juice 18 g

Light and delicate

Apple with banana puree 18 g

Natural sweetness

Apple with cinnamon 18 g

Timeless, everlasting

Apple (cubes) 100% 12 g

100% authentic

Apple (cubes) with strawberry juice 12 g

Absolutely fantastic

Apple (cubes) with banana puree 12 g

Pleasantly charming


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