We have been sharing our passion for many years!

When developing each new product, we focus on one and the same principle we have been following from the beginning: MAXIMUM NATURE in a pack. In Crispy Natural crisps you will never find any artificial preservatives, colouring, additional fats or sugars (except naturally occurring sugars in fruits or vegetables).


Polish Family Brand

We have been drying the best fruits and vegetables non-stop since 2007

Great Choice

If you are looking for tasty snacks, we offer the widest range of products

Category Leader

We carry out ongoing research on market trends to support our continuous development and meet your expectations

Natural Ingredients

There are no artificial preservatives, colouring, additional fats or sugars in Crispy Natural

Joy of Munching

The crispiest in the market, rich in nutrients, always with clearly visible and simple ingredients

Innovative Drying

An original method of drying fruits and vegetables in a very short time at low temperatures above zero

95% of women

…have admitted to an interest in healthy eating.

78% of buyers

…declare that they usually choose healthy snacks.

44% of female customers

…believe Crispy Natural is a daily snack for the WHOLE family.