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If you are looking for a solution or an inspiration which will let you take a significant step towards the development and strengthening of your position on the market (as part your own brand), dried fruit and vegetable chips are one of the best choices to be made nowadays.

The uniqueness of what we offer, the technologies used and the highest level of quality are the key features of a good product and your success. With this type of product range offerred, you respond effectively to current trends and the ever-growing product category of healthy snacks and on-the-go products. Our products are created based on innovative drying processes (much better than freeze drying), recognised local raw materials, long-term experience of the project team and close partner relationships with our customers.


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The products are adapted to your needs. We are capable of preparing chips from any raw material, with various shapes and flavour compositions. Our products are dedicated to customers who would like to extend their existing product range and those who are building a new business from scratch. We respond to individual needs.


We are constantly expanding our range by adjusting it to suit the current needs of customers and the market. Thanks to our innovations and a creative approach, we can respond to the latest trends.


We work with partners using the latest technologies in food and packaging production.


We offer only thoroughly tested, safe products using selected high-quality ingredients.

We personalise Your needs


We always create and update our offer based on thorough market analyses of current and upcoming trends and consumer needs. Owing to our experience we will help you to adapt your new products to any target group.


Suppliers are carefully selected and crops are inspected from the seed selection stage, using the knowledge of agronomists. We prefer raw materials from sustainable agriculture plantations, cultivated with the rational use of natural resources and which have a limited negative impact on the environment.


Additional fruit and vegetable options available on request include: dried roasted or pickled vegetables, selected fruit coated with any type of chocolate and fruit infused with liquid flavour enhancers. Upon request, we can produce any flavour versions.


Functional bulk packaging makes it easier to position as a regular product on shelves or well-exposed suggestions on card board stands. Packaging methods that we offer: Doypack 25g, AA & AB flat bag or cushion with a vertical seam in the middle 15/18g and 10/12g.

We also offer the option of bulk products,
so-called ‘loose goods’ – packed in bulk packaging.

Open to changes

In addition to new products, you can replace your fried vegetable chips with the dried ones we offer. We help customise the packaging design according to current trends.



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