The basis of each balanced diet? Vegetables.

Vegetables in the form of dried crisps are very popular among a broad group of fans of crispy foods who, for various reasons, rarely choose their fresh equivalents in their daily diet. Polish vegetables are rich in nutrients thus regular consumption is very important.

Crispy Naturals are chosen by mothers who care what their children eat between meals. One pack can successfully make up 1 of your 5 daily portions of fruits and vegetables.

It’s naturally good!

  • dried, not fried or baked
  • a great source of fibre and vitamins
  • rich in nutritional values
  • gluten-free (suitable for coeliacs)
  • one of the greatest choice of flavours on the market
  • very crunchy and aromatic

Jerusalem artichoke

with sea salt


with cajun spices


with basil & oregano


with vinaigrette